October 6

Reasons to Camp in Evanston, Wyoming in the Fall


Evanston, Wyoming is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts, especially in the fall. This charming town offers a variety of camping options and plenty of opportunities for hiking, fishing, and exploring the great outdoors. Here are three reasons why you should consider camping in Evanston this fall:

Reason #1: Scenic Beauty

Evanston is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, like Bear River State Park. In the fall, the leaves turn brilliant shades of gold and orange, creating a picturesque backdrop for your camping trip. Bear River State Park also offers stunning views and a variety of water sports, including fishing and swimming.

Reason #2: Mild Weather

While many parts of the country are experiencing hot and humid summers, Evanston enjoys a mild fall climate, with average highs in the mid-60s to low 70s (°F) and lows in the mid-40s to low 50s. This makes it an ideal time to camp, as the weather is comfortable and the risk of extreme heat or cold is low. Additionally, the fall is a great time to see wildlife, including elk, deer, and antelope, as they migrate through the area.

Reason #3: Outdoor Activities

Evanston offers a wide range of outdoor activities. The nearby Hot Springs State Park, located along the Big Horn River in Thermopolis, is a park known for its colorful terraces and mineral hot springs. The water from these hot springs flows over the terraces, creating a visually stunning sight. Approximately 8,000 gallons of water cascade over the terraces every 24 hours, maintaining a constant temperature of 128 degrees Fahrenheit. Within the park, there is a free bath house where visitors can enjoy therapeutic bathing. The water in the bath house is maintained at a comfortable temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for visitors.

So what are you waiting for? Start your fall journey in Evanston Wyoming now! 


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